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Lab of Maritime Multimedia Our division offers an undergraduate degree, which prepares business students to enter entry-level positions as IT (information technWology) professionals.  We provide the students with enough knowledge on information technology, enhance and deepen the students' scope on management practice, provide the students with real world platforms, and train them how to apply information technology to the real cases.

Students learn to focus on the strategic role of information systems, to consider how information systems impact the performance of and add value to organizations.  Graduates know how to acquire knowledge in a rapidly changing world, to evaluate information and alternatives based on both appropriate analytic methods.


The Reading Room of Infomation Management OfficeThe coursework is a combination of technical and managerial topics.  The courses include: Management mathematics, Statistics, Discrete mathematics, Contemporary Business, Economics, Accounting, Fundamentals of Management, Operations Research, Introduction to Computer Programming Design, Data Structure, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis, Information Management, Computer Organization, WEB Programming, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Windows Programming, System Programming, Software Engineering, Expert Systems, Operating Systems, Management Information System, Computer Network, World Wide Web, Object-Oriented Analysis and Application, Decision Support System & Intelligent System, Network Management, Electronic Commerce, Information Technology Ethics, Cryptography and Network Security.

BC Career

Our program gives students both broad business skills and the technical experience so that by graduation students can contribute to a business right away.  The graduates can go on to take their masters.  Or, they can find positions: System Analyst (Business Analysts, System Integrators), Programmer (Programmer/Analyst, Software Engineer), Network Administrator (LAN or WAN Administrator, Network Specialist), Web Developer (Web Designer, Web Programmer, Webmaster), Help Desk (Customer Service, PC Specialist, Information Specialist).


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